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We’re a chilled out eatery down at Bondi Beach that's focused on Hawaiian superfood, Pokè. It’s a healthy alternative to fast food because it’s ridiculously tasty, good for you and plated up so damn quickly.

Our fishbowl ingredients are sourced locally and sustainably and our fixed menu offers vegan salad options, plus awesome sides like vegan miso soup and the tastiest kimchi around.

Come enjoy the laid-back vibes, easy listening and solid beer and wine list. We're an excellent spot for post-beach refuels or more social dining and catch-ups. You’re welcome to eat-in or takeaway and because we have such fast food turnaround, no bookings are required.

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The food

Originating from Hawaii, poke is a raw fish (think sashimi) bowl served with salad and Asian-style ingredients like soy, sesame, rice and seaweed. It’s the sort of food that keeps you moving; packed with nutritious ingredients, it acts as body-fuel in a way burgers and chips don’t. With modern versions of the dish bringing even more flavour and exotic ingredients, our chef is always exploring proteins and vegan options to come up with new creative combinations.

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The people

Marcus Lalak worked in hospitality for over 15 years before teaming up with George and Briget Palmer, a Sydney couple who discovered the awesomeness of poke on a trip to Hawaii. Passionate about good food, Briget has worked as a food stylist alongside Donna Hay and Guillaume Brahimi. Together our founding team is working towards the dream of spreading healthy beautiful food around Sydney and educating the next generation to be more mindful.

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The feeling

Designed to make people feel good, our restaurant features a classy mix of Hawaiian, Asian and Bondi-inspired vibes with easy beach beats and friendly Aussie service. We also have a BYOB (bring-your-own-bowl) scheme where you can score $1 off takeaway orders when you provide your own bowl. We also allow customers to pay $5 extra to take one of our bowls home, which is refunded when the bowl is returned. 



149 Glenayr Ave
Bondi Beach, NSW 2065




Tue - Sun 11am–9pm
Mon closed